About TetherMoon

Why invest in TetherMoon?

BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) is reshaping the way that companies do business. We understand that for many companies creating your own blockchain is way more exciting, and offers a lot more flexibility than just developing a crypto token. Unfortunately many companies aren’t technically equipped to build their own blockchain, no matter how good their ideas may be. TetherMoon BaaS is set to be the shortcut.

Work Process

Why TetherMoon is the future!

TetherMoon with it's BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-service) platform is at the forefront of one of the fastest-growing technologies in the world. With many real-world companies and industries struggling with questions on how to truly leverage the power of the blockchain, we are here to support them. Our TetherMoon BaaS acts as a solution to help these businesses understand the true potential of blockchain technology and identify ways to help them succeed.

  • Access your data anywhere

  • Data Security

  • Opportunities for exponential growth with the ability and infrastructure to scale

  • Low cost access to the latest technology

  • Full support from a variety of blockchain experts

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Eco-Friendly Blockchain

TetherMoon will be the first ever carbon negative blockchain in the world. This will be achieved through intelligent usage of solar setups to run our nodes and services. By bringing sustainable energy to the core of our eco-friendly blockchain, we are able to help businesses and individuals reduce their carbon footprint. These nodes will be runned by servers powered by co2 free energy all around the world to ensure the true decentralization of our blockchain.

In addition, TetherMoon will be creating a scalable and easy to use solution for those looking to generate renewable energy certificates. This will use a transparent third-party and is designed to greatly reduce the transaction costs. To further help with the cost of renewable energy certificates, TetherMoon will be introducing partial credits to help make the certificates more accessible and inclusive for all.

TetherMoon promotes inclusivity but also is very dedicated to the continued well being of our planet along with everyone and everything that lives on it. Change starts with us and I believe that together we can make a change!

Our Roadmap


Preparing examples of TetherMoon use-cases and scenarios. These will identify business challenges that can be resolved using TetherMoon.

Finalize and publicly share our Proof of Concept whitepaper.

Onboarding new team members which will allow us to hit our growth goals and speed up development.

Develop the functional and technical architecture for the TetherMoon chain.

Launch the beta version of TetherMoon Testnet (due end of November).

Launch TRM explorer for Testnet.


Testnet full version

Project Audit

First NDA clients will go public

Preparing partnerships with different CEX


Launch Mainnet TRM

Participation in Blockchain events internationally

Official implementation of the Blockchain as a Service offer

Defi solutions for all types of companies with real world utility backed by TRM own dev teams

High security check to ensure investors dont get scammed

Release of all NDA clients

Our Team

Lars Fabricius

Lars has been an IT developer and entrepreneur for more than 15 years. He has had an interest in blockchain technology for almost 10 years with 5 years experience with Solidity development. Lars has worked with many well known American and European companies during this period. Blockchain is groundbreaking technology and Lars wants to make projects that can change the financial world.

Richard Van Zelst

Richard has been an entrepreneur for his whole life, having run several multi-million companies. Following this success, Richard took a break from the world of business until he identified cryptocurrencies as a viable investment solution against the traditional centralized banking model. Using blockchain technology, Richard is determined to destabilize and disrupt these outdated and centralized institutions. With many years of successful business experience and many influential contacts, Richard is a huge asset to the TetherMoon team and is looking to truly change the world and remove the unfair balance of power that centralized institutions hold.

Bjorn Mattens

Bjorn has been involved in the crypto industry for 5 years and has been studying DeFi token economics to fully understand how to optimise blockchain ecosystems. Due to his involvement with other blockchain projects, he recognizes why some projects succeed and others fail. As lead advisor to the TetherMoon project, he will be helping the team grow and turn TetherMoon into a success. He is a digital marketing consultant within the financial industry and has many connections with influencers, exchanges, developers and private investors.

Sameer Shamim

CTO and Co-founder of a European full-service software development company (Berg Media Group). Sameer is a highly experienced software developer and has been working in the industry for 10 years. His vast knowledge and skills in the blockchain space is a key asset to the TetherMoon project.


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  • 3% liquidity
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